Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014
EL- Edmodo account needs to be finished - avatar, quote, learning style, career goal
          Have your ELA binder and 5 dividers in class on Monday.
SS  - packet - do all questions (front and back) for Lesson 1
SCI  - worksheet converting metric numbers 
Math  - Test today so no homework. 
French - Vous avez besoin pour pratiquer le français langue!! You need to practice speaking French.

Mohawk - Entao'on'k ne ensato'wiiesne sawenna;sho`n:'a ta'non 'ensatatio:ni.  You have to practice speaking at home
Spanish - Nosotros vamos a estudiar. (We are going to study!!)  our verbs for quiz on Friday (and every FRIDAY!!) For Friday, September 26th, you must study verbs 1-15.

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