Friday, January 16, 2015

Grade 8---Chapter 19 project: The West

Chapter 19 Project: THE WEST    Due Wednesday 1/21
Complete a project on one of the topics we have been studying in social studies. I will give you the guidelines for the type of project once you choose it.

Project ideas include:
                scrapbook                           diorama                               newspaper                         collage
                *powerpoint                     movie                                   time capsule                      skit
                children’s book                 diary entry                          advertising poster           pamphlet
                *research report              comic                                    claymation                                     song                     

Topics can be a PERSON, GROUP, EVENT, PLACE, ETC. that you would like to learn more about. It can be very general (Sodbusters) or very specific (Jesse James). You must first decide on the topic, then tell me WHAT you are going to produce as the project.

Topic ideas include:
        Mining (boom town/ghost town, mining process, significant lodes, role of women)
        Transcontinental Railroad (construction of, impact, general railroad growth)
        Ranching (life of a cowhand: dress, cattle drive, cow towns; outlaws)
        Farming (sodbusters/sod homes, difficulties, technology, land rushes, role of women)
        Conflict: Indian Wars (Sand Creek Massacre, Battle of Little Big Horn, Crazy Horse, Sitting               Bull, Chief Joseph, Geronimo, Wounded Knee, Dawes Act, assimilation/boarding schools,
  the buffalo, Ghost Dance)

*****IF you would like to complete a project on ANY related person, group, event, or idea. . .let me know. You might come across something different as you begin your research -      YOU MUST GET PERMISSION FROM ME TO CHANGE YOUR TOPIC. There are many things to learn about during this era ~ find something that interests you!!! Have FUN!
Keep track of resources and website used ON THE BACK OF THIS PAPER. . .and most importantly, monitor your  TIME! Do NOT wait until the last minute to finish! There MUST be evidence of research ~ information beyond our classroom notes/discussion.

ALSO, do not PLAGIARIZE in ANY way. . .you will get zero credit for the assignment. 

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