Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015

ELA - Write a 1 paragraph summary, then the sequence of events for your personal narrative related to the "Growth Mindset"  using your list of ideas that you brainstormed last week.
READ EVERY NIGHT FOR 20 MINUTES IN YOUR INDEPENDENT READING BOOK/MATERIAL (BOOK EQUIVALENTS - 10 children's books that you read to a younger sibling and document  OR 10 magazine articles that you read and are able to summarize/discuss - but you must document each one, with title, date and page numbers)

Math - Lesson 5 Exit Ticket (Most of you were able to do this in class.)

Social Studies - EXTRA CREDIT - Correct your test by writing questions and correct answers 3X each. Do page 546, 7-10 to replace any Zero in the grade book.

Science - WRITE OUT STEPS TO A LAB REPORT. (Most of you were able to do this in class.)

Cross Curricular - DAILY - You must bring an independent reading book with you to ALL CLASSES. 

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