Math Module 3 - Need help with your homework? Look here!!

Lesson 1: What Lies Behind “Same Shape”?
Student Outcomes
Students learn the definition of dilation and why “same shape” is not good enough to say two figures are similar.
Students know that dilations magnify and shrink figures. 

Lesson 2: Properties of Dilations
Student Outcomes
  Students learn how to use a compass and a ruler to perform dilations.
  Students learn that dilations map lines to lines, segments to segments, and rays to rays. Students know that dilations are degree preserving. 

Lesson 3: Examples of Dilations 

Student Outcomes
  •   Students know that dilations map circles to circles and ellipses to ellipses with the same shape.
  •   Students know that to shrink or magnify a dilated figure back to its original size from center O with scale factor r you must dilate the figure by a scale factor of  1/r.

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