Science 8

May 10, 2016
Today we learned about incomplete dominance.  Below is are the notes and activity we did today.  Homework is to finish the 8 questions after the activity.

Incomplete Dominance

May 9, 2016

Monster Genetic Packet Due tomorrow if you didn't turn it in today!! 
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May 5, 2016

Today we learned about probability and heredity.  We learned how to make punnett squares and calculate probability based on the punnett squares.  The notes are below.  

Homework is to finish the basic punnett square sheet.

Today's Notes
Basic Punnett Square Worksheet

May 4, 2016
Today we did a lab where we looked at the traits that we each have.  The lab was due at the end of class. Tonight's homework is to define the following vocabulary words:

  • Heredity
  • Trait
  • Genetics
  • Fertilization
  • Purebred
  • Gene
  • Alleles 
  • Dominant allele
  • Recessive allele
  • Hybrid

May 3, 2016
Today we are starting the genetics unit.  I have attached the genetics notes and slideshow below.  Tonight's homework is to finish "Mendel's Work" worksheet, which is in their packet.  

 Gregor Mendel is the "father of genetics".  

Genetics slideshow

Genetics Notes

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